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Project summary

Flexible PCB Soldering

Weibel Scientific A/S would like to implement a robot solution in our PCB production to automate through-hole soldering process that comes after SMD line has mounted most of the components.

The robot needs to place connectors on the board and carry out selective soldering on the connector pins. There are many different PCBs produced, so the robot should be able to handle various types. It also has to be equipped with an easy-to-use software that allows programming in a visual manner. Furthermore, the robot should be able to collaborate alongside with our production employees.


Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems. For over seventy years, they have been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge velocity and position measuring instruments to customers around the world.

With a creative and innovative eye for business and technology, Weibel Scientific’s management and staff have taken the company to where it is today: number one in the production and development of Doppler radars.

On a daily basis, Weibel radars are used to protect lives and assets on the ground, in flight, and in space.

Contribution from RTOs

Danish Technological Institute

  • Limitation of the scope of the project to focus on soldering
  • Consultancy on current soldering technologies for through-hole components
  • Exchange of knowledge and networking with other electronics manufacturers
  • Assisting Weibel in the application process for a ROBOTT-NET Pilot project

The Manufacturing Technology Centre

  • In-depth state of the art analysis of available soldering technologies

Impact (expected)

Through the ROBOTT-NET voucher, Weibel Scientific has increased their knowledge of the market for automation technologies for through-hole component insertion and soldering, as well as automation and robot technologies in general.

As a consequence, Weibel has increased their focus on automation in the corporate strategy, formulated during the voucher period. A suitable selective soldering machine is being purchased and installed in 2018, and more automation and robotics solutions will follow.

Weibel has applied for a ROBOTT-NET pilot project, focusing on a flexible automation solution for THT component placement.