Robot prevents rodents

Spanish Irabia Control de Plagas has developed a robot to prevent and control rodents in enclosed spaces in a ROBOTT-NET Pilot Project.

“Within the framework of the European project ROBOTT-NET we are applying a software and robotic development for the prevention and control of rodents in enclosed spaces”, says Marco Lorenzo, Service Supervisor at Irabia Control De Plagas.

This type of prevention is designed to help technicians and companies to have better efficiency and control and a faster response, when it comes to controlling what can be rodent pests.

“The robotic project is based on a mobile autonomous robotic platform from which a robotic arm is deployed to introduce a camera into the trap. It captures an image that is uploaded to the cloud”.

“The project is in collaboration with Robotnik, which is responsible for the assembly of the robot; and Hispavista, which is in charge of the cloud part”, Marco Lorenzo adds.

Aritz Zabaleta, a Systems Technician at Hispavista Labs explains that the application consists of two components:

“The first manages the entire fleet of robots that communicate with the server in the cloud and it processes the information collected by them. The second component is the one that allows customers to access processed images”.

If you want to watch more fascinating robotics videos, you can explore ROBOTT-NET’s pilot projects on our YouTube-channel.