Five projects make the first cut and receive a ROBOTT-NET pilot

Five ROBOTT-NET voucher projects have been selected for even further development assistance, where ROBOTT-NET will take the projects all the way, until they are ready for market. 

It all started with 166 companies spread across 12 European countries that applied for a “golden ticket” to ROBOTT-NET’s Voucher Program. 64 companies attained a voucher and have received highly specialized consultancy from a broad field of the brightest robotics experts around Europe. Now five of the 64 projects have been selected for a ROBOTT-NET pilot.

Trumpf, Maser, Picolo, Weibel and Air Liquide are the five companies that will be teamed up with a real-world case and have their technology implemented in a pilot.

Their voucher work vary greatly. Whilst Trumpf wanted to find out if an automated handling for a large variety of sheet metal parts was possible, Picolo was working on generating welding robot programs. Weibel concentrated on flexible PCB Soldering and Air Liquide focused on autonomous good picking, handling and transportation in industrial environment. Finally, Maser investigated in automated systems to detect types of defects in chromed parts.

The Pilot will help the companies develop their voucher work through proof of concept level and accelerate it towards commerciality. It will be a medium-scale research installation that will last for up to 18 months developing the robot-technology and business case explores in the voucher stage and applying it to an industrial application demonstration at an End User’s site.

When selecting the five projects ROBOTT-NET has been looking for Pilots that will scale well across new applications and create high impact on markets through enhanced productivity, competition and disruption. Therefore, scalability and market impact have been key measures in the Pilot application.

Other than these five projects there are more Pilots to look forward to. Two Pilot Calls have been made. The first call for submission opened on July 3rd, 2017 and remained open until 30th September 2017. The second call for submission opened on December 1st and will remain open until 28th of February 2018.

If you want to know more about the five projects that have been selected for a pilot you can find them on ROBOTT-NET or ROBOTT-NET’s YouTube channel.