Europe is filled with exciting robotics ideas. That is the first realization of the project ROBOTT-NET, which has given European companies the opportunity of applying for a voucher to transform those ideas into reality.

Last week, the final call for voucher applications closed, and the number of applications suggests a promising future for the project.

- Our goal was to get more than 100 applications shared among two rounds of applications, and we have received 166 in total. So we have reached our goal and more. The applicants are spread over 12 European countries, and they all have some great ideas and problems to solve, says Mikkel Viager, project leader from the Danish Technological Institute.

ROBOTT-NET is an EU funded project driven by DTI in Denmark, Fraunhofer IPA in Germany, Tecnalia in Spain and MTC in the United Kingdom with the collective goal to help make the best ideas in industrial robotics and professional service robotics a reality, for the benefit of technology developers and European manufacturing.

Open Lab at the Danish Technological Institute
The 25th of November, new potential voucher candidates had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the opportunities with robot technology, when the Danish Technological Institute opened its doors.

- There are many companies, which do not know about the possibilities inherent using automation and robotics. With the event here today, we would like to highlight the opportunities inherent in these technologies. And show both what you can buy today and also tomorrow, says Director Kurt Nielsen from the Danish Technological Institute.

The use of robots in production is moving fast in Europe, and there is an evident opportunity to collaborate across borders to share and develop technology together.

- Robotics is developing fast not only in Denmark, but globally. In the project ROBOTT-NET, DTI works closely with Fraunhofer IPA in Germany, Tecnalia in Spain, and MTC in the United Kingdom. This makes international technologies available for Danish companies, he adds.

The ROBOTT-NET collaboration is well received by companies interested in applying for a voucher.

- It is exciting that so many institutions are represented in ROBOTT-NET and provide cutting edge technology. I also note that the Danish Technological Institute is very willing to work together with you to push new limits, and this is what we need to remain competitive. Our product must be the best - also the way we're producing it, says Vice President, COO & CFO Thomas Munkholm Larsen from Weibel Scientific.

In the video above you can get an impression from the Open Lab. Subtitles are available through the YouTube player.