Danfoss Drives draws on two institutes to create one great solution 

Short delivery time, high flexibility and reduced costs for handling parts before assembly. These are the main goals that Danfoss Drives wants to achieve by creating an automated assembly line. But while the goals are clear, the way to achieve them is cloudier.

- How to do it and with what technology, we haven’t decided yet. And that’s what we’re seeking help for, says Technology Engineer Peter Lund Andersen from Danfoss Drives.

To find out which technologies and solutions are suitable for an automated assembly line Danfoss Drive is receiving assistance from Danish Technological Institute’s Center for Robot Technology.

Danfoss Drives is namely one of the Danish companies that has received a so-called “voucher” through ROBOTT-NET, which offers a network of the leading technological service institutes within robot technology in Europe.

With the voucher, Danfoss Drive has an easy access to high technological solutions and robot experts outside of Denmark.

The challenge for Danfoss Drives has been that all of their products are delivered in many different forms of packaging. Instead Danfoss Drives wants to pick the products that are delivered automatically.

By using the competencies from different service institutes Danfoss Drives is optimistic about finding a solution to reach their main goals, says Peter Lund Andersen.

- Having more technological service institutes involved in the project means that we can draw on the core competence within each service institute and thereby combine each competence into one joint, great solution.

Peter Lund Andersen adds that it is noticeable that more technological service institutes have been involved in the project.

- We have given quite a few of our tasks to English MTC, that specializes in mechanical construction. In Odense at Danish Technological Institute they are experts in vision technology, so they take care of that part, he says.

The main purpose of ROBOTT-NET is to gather and share the latest knowledge about robot technology that can improve the production in the European production companies.

You can check out Danfoss Drives' voucher page here