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Project summary

Laser 3D Sense - L3S

In the underwater domain, there exist few technologies that allow for online 3D perception and high-definition 3D reconstruction. For this reason, there are many underwater tasks that are not done efficiently or are not even possible, taking into account their precision needs.

The Laser 3D Sense (L3S) is a 3D perception technology, working underwater, that allows for online 3D perception or high-resolution 3D reconstruction depending on the configuration of the sensor.

Using L3S allows end users to improve efficiency in underwater tasks such as manipulation, inspection, maintenance, etc. Moreover, the L3S opens a new variety of potential applications for which the state of the art sensors would not be suitable

Universitat de Girona

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Contribution from RTOs

Contribution from RTOs

Technology support

•Technical certification procedures and legal framework knowledge •

  Business mentoring

•Overall Business assessment and market validation : Analysis of new markets for the product and the competitive advantage, including identified companies and contacts

Impact (expected)

Enhanced robotic operation by accurate detection of valuable assets on the seafloor during landing of heavy machines

Commercialization of the technology once validated by End User

Universitat de Girona