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    Orifarm Supply A/S

Project summary

Precise and flexible robot for vision inspection and sorting

Orifarm handles a huge range of different products in high volumes every day all over Europe and need technological solutions to optimize internal operations in the supply chain.

With the combined competences of a robot and vision system, the goal of this voucher is to find an efficient automated solution to handle each product in our warehouse.

Orifarm Supply A/S

The Orifarm Group is a progressive European player in the healthcare business. Our ambition is to supply high quality pharmaceuticals at low cost. Our two business areas, parallel imported pharmaceuticals and generics, provide large savings for society and consumers. Additionally, it is important for Orifarm to add value to our partners' businesses and to do things in a smarter way by REthinking. 

Contribution from RTOs


  • Vision detection of objects by deep learning approach
  • Test timing and accuracy of measurements
  • Segmentation
  • Robot tool-mount force sensor



  • OCR text pattern match approach

Impact (expected)

  • This technology will have significant potential for Orifarm Supply A/S, it will improve and optimize the handling of products in our warehouse
  • Reduce remarkably the risk of mistakes by the human factor
  • Readiness for future demands

Orifarm Supply A/S