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    Inovo Robotics Ltd

Project summary

Low Cost Robotic Arm

We are developing a set of low cost building blocks that will enable users to easily create robotic arms tailored to their specific needs. We are targeting small to medium size manufacturing businesses as well as researchers and educational users where the current cost of robotic equipment is prohibitive to many.

Inovo Robotics Ltd

We created Inovo Robotics to make capable, versatile, robotics accessible to all. We address the problems growing businesses have in automating repetitive, hazardous or precise tasks. We believe there is a better way and want to free your staff from the monotony of repetitive tasks so you can focus them on more valuable and rewarding work. We also believe in putting you in control by providing intuitive, easy to use interfaces, so that configuring our robots for your specific task, is as easy as possible.



Contribution from RTOs


  • Business case
  • Motor simulation study
  • Video simulation of robot



  • Literature review of state of the art technologies that will support Inovo’s product and target market base

Impact (expected)

Inovo will gain knowledge and access to potential target customers as well as highlight new use cases.

Building a business case with the customer will help justify funding from investors in the future and strengthen the value proposition.

Work on the simulation will help Inovo develop their product towards a production ready solution.

Inovo Robotics Ltd