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Project summary

Automatic collection of trash in roadsides

HedeDanmark is one of Denmark’s biggest service companies with 1000 employees and approximately 1000 contractors working with seasonal tasks.

One service area is as contractor for municipalities in connection with trash removal and grass cutting along road sides. Removing trash from roadsides are today a very manual, labor intense and time-consuming process.

We believe the process can be done in a more intelligent way. Our solution consist of a visual detection system to detect trash and a subsequently specialized actuator to collect the identified trash. The trash is also categorized while collected in order to gain detailed information of trash distribution and type. This system is placed on the grass-trimming unit, so we do two processes at the same time and thereby save time and resources.


HedeDanmark is an international service and trading company within the green area. Today, HedeDanmark is the only nationwide provider of green services and maintenance in Denmark and the largest landscaping company in Scandinavia.

Our trading services range wide, and we are thus glad to service a wide range of customers with our experienced, professionally competent, service-oriented staff.

Contribution from RTOs

Danish Technological Institute

  • Advice on problem dissection
  • Investigate viable camera technology for trash detection
  • Recommendations on approaches for trash detection
  • Estimation of development cost for final solution


Fraunhofer IPA

  • Investigate viable camera technology for trash detection
  • Recommendationsonapproachesfor online trashclassification
  • Surveying suitable sensory systems that enable autonomous navigation along roadsides

Impact (expected)

With the completion of this voucher HedeDanmark will have taken an important step towards the vision of automating trash collection along roadsides.

The innovative approach gives HedeDanmark a competitive advantage both nationally and internationally. The advantages are both regarding labor cost but also in terms of being able to provide a unique service that cater to the industry 4.0 realm with the collection of detailed information during work execution. The results can be transferred to other products and areas where trash collection is performed.