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Project summary


The Myorobotics modular robotics toolkit was developed as open hardware in the Myorobotics FP7 EU-project and is now further developed by GI among others. With its anthropomimetic behavior and human-like dynamics it is predestined to be used in tele-operation scenarios. By combining this robotics hardware with recently made available room-scale virtual reality headsets (HTC Vive) and augmented reality solutions (Microsoft HoloLens, Meta Meta2), GI can deliver a unique teleoperation experience, yielding superior handling results over current solutions.

General Interfaces

Founded by the project manager of the Roboy anthropomimetic robot project, General Interfaces is applying embodied robotics, deep AI and state of the art algorithms from computer vision, computer graphics and robotics. We create intelligent agents and software providing the interface between the user and the information he seeks. We combine technology with intimate design, a jolt of game design for great story telling and rigorous testing to make sure the user gets the information he seeks even when technology fails.

Contribution from RTOs

Fraunhofer IPA

  • Description of the demo scenario
  • Specification of requirements for the hardware
  • Hardware development & conceptual consultation



  • Improvement and design of electronics
  • Technical qualification of control system
  • Business case development

Impact (expected)

To date, tele-operation is still in its infancy as only recently technologies such as consumer-ready virtual reality devices have become available that bring the required user experience for such operations. So far, such operations required either unintuitive controller solutions or – as in the case of the DaVinci3 surgical robot – expensive custom designed interaction pods. The MyoRemote-project will prove that an intuitive low cost tele-operation system can be realized and that this technology will be affordable to a wide field of new use cases. 

General Interfaces