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Project summary

Tipping Point

As a manufacturer of equipment for clinical analysis, Evosep utilizes STAGE-Tips (STop-And-Go-Extraction Tips) to filter biological samples prior to analysis. Today, these tips are produced manually. This process is slow and the resulting quality is highly depending on the skill of the operator.

This project aims to automate the production of STAGE-tips with the help of robots to both increase productivity and ensure a consistent high quality of the product.


Evosep develops new solutions to make clinical proteomics 100 times more robust and 10 times faster.

We are targeting the growing need for throughput with robust solutions for clinical and large-scale proteomics, and we have a very ambitious business plan to bring our first products to market.

We are basing our design on years of experience with nano-UHPLC R&D and application support, critically rethinking the necessary system architectures for successful sample separation before mass spectrometric analysis.

Contribution from RTOs


  • Automation strategy development
  • Process development and experimental validation
  • Robotic tool design



  • Process development
  • High-precision manufacturing and prototyping

Impact (expected)

The voucher work was expected to enable Evosep to commission an automated production cell from an external partner by investigating specific technical challenges with a series of pilot demonstrators.

In reality the deliverables have already surpassed this goal by delivering two fully operational workstations 1) cutting discs and initial pipette tip loading, and 2) final disc positioning and visual QC inspection.

The output already matches manual production in quantity while improving quality consistency and application performance.