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AFC Automatic Follower Cart

There are numerous daily situations where we are compelled to either push or pull a cart manually in order to transport small quantities of stuffs, products, tools, etc. Many times, the cart does not maneuver properly and this job becomes an annoying and exhausting task. Some illustrative examples may be: the supermarket where we have to push a shopping cart, and especially when the products are taken home; the airport, bus and train stations where we have to move our baggage; daily when kids bring the school bag, etc. In the industrial world these situations are also repeated very often for moving the workstation, tools, pieces, etc. Would not be wonderful whether the cart drive self-guided and spent the effort for us? Our customizable follower motorized cart will do it.


ASTI (Automatismos y Sistemas de Transporte Interno) is an international engineering firm that builds made-to-measure automated intralogistics optimisation solutions.

ASTI forms part of ASTI Technologies Group (ATG), created to deliver technology-based solutions that optimise enterprise productivity.

Ever since we started providing automated intralogistics solutions in 1982 our purpose has been crystal-clear:to increase our clients’ competitiveness.

Our solutions range from traditional materials-handling equipment like conveyors and handlers through to latest-generation systems like automated guided vehicles (AGVs), all designed to maximise intralogistics flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

The elements that make up our solutions are all managed by SIGAT, our 100%-proprietary module-based system automation software.

Contribution from RTOs

Technology support

  • Technology assessment
  • Develop use case


Business mentoring

  • Analysis of exploitation risks
  • Business plan development

Impact (expected)

  • Ensure wide use of shared resources.
  • Addressing pressing technological challenges.
  • Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge.
  • Removing the barriers to market.


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