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Project summary

Automatic battery pack assembly process

ANSMANN AG want’s to automate the currently manual assembly of battery packs. Challenges are the high tolerances in the processes as well as the frequent changeover. Furthermore the programming should be easy and possibly CAD based. Within the project the general conception and feasibility studies for the most critical aspects of a fully automated solution for a battery pack assembly are carried out.


In 1991, Edgar Ansmann established in his garage the basis for the company that is today a worldwide innovator in its own field.

ANSMANN has grown to be one of the best known manufacturers in mobile energy. In this short time, the company has expanded to be a leading manufacturer in this area. High performance products at a fair price and the best local service are the key to their success.

In this time, the number of employees has risen up in the same way as the business premises. Worldwide more than 400 employees are caring "for energy". The product ranges always try to match the fast changing requirements of the market.

Contribution from RTOs

  • Development of automation concept (DTI and IPA)
  • Feasibility study for CAD based path planning for the assembly of the complete battery pack (DTI)
  • Feasibility study for the automatic insertion of batteries into the holder under high tolerances and varying clearance conditions (IPA)

Impact (expected)

General overview of how to economically automate the task


Enabler of implementation if successful planning is possible under constraints arising from the process


Enabler of implementation if successful insertion is possible under tolerance and clearance conditions arising from the process