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Project summary

FORTES: Flexible cOllaborative Robotized TEst System

The project takes into account the problem of end-of-line quality control of electronic devices of the automotive domain, like infotainment front panels, car radio, electronic control units (ECUs) and radar. The proposed solution consists of collaborative robots, equipped with a proper gripper and set of sensors, which can be both mobile and fixed. Our priority in the near future is to provide to our customers a complete automatized testing area for the final test of electronic devices. The main result expected to get out of the voucher work is the definition of the robotic standard modules and their application cases.

AEA s.r.l. - Loccioni

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Contribution from RTOs

Technology support:

  • Technology assessment
  • Develop use case
  • Pilot design


Business mentoring:

  • Business plan development
  • Competitive position analysis

Impact (expected)

  • Ensure wide use of shared resources.
  • Addressing pressing technological challenges.
  • Deploy robotics technologies in new application domains.
  • Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowlledge.
  • Environmental and socially important impact (Impact on job creation).
  • Removing the barriers to market.

AEA s.r.l. - Loccioni

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