• Robot safety

Service summary

Robots can injure a human severely. Therefore, safety has always been a major concern in robotics. With the rise of the cobots, household robots and health care robots this has become even more true. Robot developers and system integrators need to make sure that robots do not endanger humans. ROBOTT-NET has expertise in making robots safe and the partners are working on making robots safer than ever. ROBOTT-NET can provide help to companies who are thinking to develop a robot or a robot application, which includes robot safety.

The following lists all services ROBOTT-NET provides for robot safety.

  • Market study
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Automation potential analysis
  • Concept development
  • Proof of concept study
  • System evaluation
  • System testing
  • IP strategy development
  • Product development consulting

Robot safety

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DTI is coordinating the COVR project, which is a European funded project focusing on increasing safety for collaborative robots. The project exists to significantly increase safety for humans and robots working in shared spaces, through the development of an intuitive Toolkit ad a rage if testing protocols for validation of safety for cobots.