• Bin Picking

Service summary

In manufacturing, many steps involve the use of bulk goods. To process these goods, typically a single workpiece needs to be picked from a bulk and loaded into a machine often in a defined orientation. In many cases, human workers still carry out this step. By using modern bin picking technology this step can be automated using a vision system and a robot. This can lead to cost reduction. ROBOTT-NET has strong experience in bin picking. Some partners have even developed their own bin picking solutions.

ROBOTT-NET offers the following services for bin picking:

  • Market study
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Automation potential analysis
  • Concept development
  • Proof of concept study
  • System evaluation
  • System testing
  • Product development consulting

Below, you can explore examples of ROBOTT-NET’s RTOS working with bin picking: 

Bin Picking

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The Danish Technological Institute:

DTI has developed a robotic platform for mixed pallet picking/packing for large retail warehouses. The solution uses a unique gripper to be able to pick a large variety of objects, while also being able to turn the objects to allow for packing the mixed pallet optimally.

Fraunhofer IPA:

Together with Arnold AG and FORMHAND Automation GmbH, Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co KG Fraunhofer and DTI have initiated a pilot project that aims for an easy-to-use multipurpose robot that is capable of grasping and manipulating sheet metal parts in various scenarios.



MTC has worked with Nissan in the voucher “Automated parts picking into kits” and designed and built a custom robot end effector combining magnetic, pneumatic and parallel gripping capabilities for handling a large variety of automotive components.