• Autonomous mobile robots

Service summary

Due to the increasing use of service robot systems, the tasks and thus the requirements for such systems are growing. In intralogistics or assembly, but also in household collection and delivery services, it is essential to be able to carry out complex motion sequences safely and robustly. In contrast to industrial robots with permanently installed protective devices, the environment of a service robot is much more complex. In particular, moving and unknown objects must be considered in motion planning and execution. ROBOTT-NET can provide a number of services for helping companies deal with autonomous mobile robot challenges:

  • Market study
  • Competitor analysis
  • Automation potential analysis
  • Concept development
  • Proof of concept study
  • System evaluation
  • System testing
  • Product development consulting

Below, you can explore examples of ROBOTT-NET RTOS working with autonomous mobile robots:

Autonomous mobile robots

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Proof of concept project with the largest Danish Dairy company Arla. The project focused on using the MIR mobile robot platform for moving crates under order picking. The project resulted in less physical strain on the employees and improved workflow for the company.

In this voucher Fraunhofer IPA and Kärcher evaluate state-of-the-art software solutions for perception and navigation of autonomous cleaning robots in dynamic environments. The focus lies on low cost hardware and the ROS operating system as software.

Air Liquide benefitted from the MTC’s expertise of mobile robotic systems during the GASBOT Pilot. The MTC worked to assess the requirements, produce a safety analysis and carry out a design review for an autonomous mobile system capable of handling and delivering gas tanks throughout Air Liquide’s site safely.

In the “RB-LOG - Robotic Logistic” voucher in collaboration with Robotnik Tecnalia contributed to the development of a flexible fleet manager and a flexible hardware infrastructure solution for the Robotnik RB-1 base platform.

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