Urban Pestpatrol

Irabia, Robotnik Automation and Hispavista Labs are together with ROBOTT-NET partners Tecnalia and Fraunhofer Ipa working on the pilot project UrbanPestPatrol. The project aims to be an innovative approach of robotics to the field of pest management in industrial facilities. The purpose of the project is to minimize the risk of a pest infestation, and its consequent associated cost, in industrial facilities and so providing the pest management sector with a powerful tool capable of minimizing the window of time between inspections.


To achieve the proposed goal, the designed system integrates autonomous navigation techniques, precision guidance, artificial vision and remote communication that will allow for a daily checking of pest signals, which compared to the current monthly frequency improves at least by a factor of 30 the effective level of protection. It should be noted that the pest management sector is transversal to all areas of industry, with special emphasis on the agri-food and drink sector and the public sector.